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Buffalo & Amherst: 716.881.7900
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Contact Lens Service at the Ross Eye Institute

Dr. Avani Dave, OD, FAAO

A contact lens is a medical device that is utilized for refractive, cosmetic and therapeutic reasons. New York state law mandates that all contact lenses require a prescription completed by an eye care professional. This means the contact lens must be evaluated and fit appropriately to the health and visual needs of the eye. The following contact lens fittings are available at our clinic:

Soft Contact Lenses

Soft Contact Lense on finger tipThe majority of contact lens wearers are prescribed soft contact lenses as a visual and cosmetic luxury, being an alternative to wearing spectacles. These lenses are available in spherical, toric, multifocal and multifocal combined with toric parameters. Soft contact lenses are made of a flexible material composed of either hydrogel or silicone hydrogel. These are the most commonly prescribed type of lenses and are available in a variety of brands. Soft contact lenses are generally comfortable and can be replaced on a daily, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly basis or yearly basis Furthermore, customized soft contact lenses may be designed for prosthetic or cosmetic purposes.

Specialty Contact Lenses

Inserting a Contact Lens into the EyeSpecialty contact lenses are complex and highly customized lenses specifically serving the need of those patients with a medical necessity. This typically includes keratoconus, corneal dystrophies, corneal transplants, dry eye syndrome, high refractive error, corneal scars and post-refractive error. Specialty contact lenses include the following types:

  • Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses
    • Small diameter, rigid lenses
  • Scleral Lenses
    • Large diameter, fluid ventilated suctioned lenses
  • Contact lens on fingerHybrid Lenses
    • Large diameter with central rigid zone and peripheral soft skirt
  • Customized Soft Contact Lenses
    • Prosthetic, cosmetic, pupil occluding

Insurance Coverage

Due to the medical necessity for certain patients, the specialty contact lens fitting and materials may be submitted to insurance. Once a prior authorization is approved, the fitting process be resumed. Vision insurance plans may also include some coverage or discount for specialty contact lens fitting and/or material fees.

Contact Lens

Technical Support

All specialty lens patients will have a training session with our technicians who will show the patient how to safely insert and remove, clean and care for the contact lenses. Specific tools (plungers, stands) and solutions will be provided to the patient as a starting point for handling their lenses.

Contact Lens Technical Support

Find the right contact lens option by scheduling a contact lens service visit with the Ross Eye Institute today. Call 716.677.6500, ext. 100 to make an appointment.   

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