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Kyle Arnoldi, CO, COMT - Orthoptics

Kyle Arnoldi, CO, COMT


B.S. Biology, Psychology, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

Additional Training and Certification (Orthoptics and Ophthalmic Technology):
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Orthoptic Program:
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The Ross Eye Institute Orthoptic Department’s services include diagnostic tests and measurements on patients with disorders of binocular vision and/or visual function deficits.

Orthoptics is a discipline dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of defective eye movement and coordination (such as nystagmus), binocular vision and amblyopia by eye care professionals. There are five areas of treatment for orthoptic problems:

  • Corrective lenses (spherical, cylindrical lens, prismatic and Fresnel lenses)
  • Strabismic-related orthoptics as an “eye exercise” is limited to the treatment of eye coordination problems by increasing the range of binocular fusion
  • Eyepatching
  • Pharmaceuticals, such as cycloplegics
  • Surgery

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We at the Ross Eye Institute have been saddened by recent events surrounding race and inequality, but buoyed by the opportunity for lasting change. As healthcare providers, we are in a unique position to lead by example, and to further the goals of diversity and inclusion among our patients, students, and staff. We recognize there are systemic impediments to equal care for all, but we continue to be committed to the provision of excellent healthcare to all patients regardless of race or insurance status. We are proud of our efforts to provide equal access to eye care for all.

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