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About Us

The loss of vision can happen due to health issues, disease or injury. Many of these issues go beyond what can be addressed during the course of routine ophthalmic care. That’s why more than 48,000 patients come to The Ira G. Ross Eye Institute for their eye care every year.

Why come to the Ross?

Unlike some eye care providers, the Ross Eye Institute is unique in Western New York in that we focus extensively on providing education – not just to our patients, but to our providers. As the only university-affiliated vision care practice in the region, we work with University at Buffalo students to provide the latest information, education and insight into new technologies and approaches, giving our patients access to the latest standards and capabilities of eye care.

Behind the care and treatment are people specially trained and schooled by the best to diagnose, treat and repair eyes that need help, all dedicated to preserving and protecting your vision.

With each physician we bring in from the best universities and hospitals in the world, we gain a better understanding of the complex system that defines your eyesight. Many of our physicians are surgeons, allowing our team to provide both medical and surgical management of routine and complex eye disorders.

Behind that is understanding – people who use state-of-the-art technology that is constantly evolving. If it’s available for diagnosis, treatment and repair, we employ it. If it’s being invented, we already know about it – and we’re among the first in line.

Behind that is knowledge – people who perform painstaking research to unlock the enduring mysteries of the eye. Our research scientists are breaking through barriers to discover cures that were thought impossible not too long ago. We are also invested in training and education for the next generation of eye care, including our Orthopic Program.

Our Mission

  • To perform excellent patient vision care
  • To provide community and medical education
  • To promote high impact research

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Please see additional information below:

The surgeons and staff of the Ross Eye Institute are committed to your safety, but we are also committed to your eye health. We have taken action to protect you, our staff and the community from COVID-19 and to preserve your vision.


  • Our Amherst office continues to be closed.
  • We are consolidating all patient care activities at our downtown location (1176 Main St., Buffalo, NY 14209) and our Orchard Park location (301 Sterling Drive, Orchard Park 14127).
  • We are limiting our in-person patient visits to those in critical need. While this includes eye emergencies, it also includes patients in which a delayed appointment would threaten vision. An example of this would be a patient with macular degeneration who receives mandatory 1-2 month eye injections or a fragile glaucoma patient.
  • We have also dramatically expanded our telehealth capabilities. We are eager to conduct any scheduled office visit remotely from your home. Co-pays for these telehealth visits will be waived if permissible during this COVID-19 crisis.
  • We will keep our lines of communication open. You are the best person to know if your visit is a critically necessary one. If it is critical, we want to see you.
  • We are here for you. Please contact us at 716-677-6500 or 716-881-7900 so we can address your questions or concerns.